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Phone: (252) 637-3030  


Emergency: 911

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Trent Woods Ranked Among the Safest Places To Live In NC! has ranked Trent Woods #4 on their list of safest towns in North Carolina, based on crime reporting data.  We thank our great citizens for helping us in the effort to prevent crime and keep crime rates low by reporting suspicious or unusual activity to us.  Thank you Trent Woods for helping us to put your "community first" as one of the safest towns in North Carolina.

Messages to the Community:

Urban Archery Season
January 13-February 18, 2024

The Town of Trent Woods will participate in the upcoming Urban Archery Season, which will run from January 13 - February 18, 2024.  The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) established the Urban Archery Season to enable cities, towns and villages to reduce urban deer populations through increased hunter opportunity.

If you are a prospective hunter, there are a few things you need to know:

  • Hunting with the use of archery equipment, as defined by the NCWRC, is allowed only on private property within the Town limits.  The discharge of firearms within the Town is generally prohibited.

  • The Town does not permit hunting on Town-owned/public property.

  • The Town does not issue special hunting permits, but it does require prospective hunters to obtain written permission from the owner of the property on which they intend to hunt.  A sample landowner permission form, provided by the NCWRC, can be found Here.

  • The Town does not maintain a list/map of private property available for hunting.

  • All NCWRC hunting regulations and reporting requirements apply, and prospective hunters must have a valid hunting license issued by the NCWRC.

  • If you have any further questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

Residential Security Checks

If you are leaving Town for the holidays or take a vacation, you can have your home added to our Residential Security Check list

You can click HERE to access our fill-able Security Check Form.  After completing the form, you can print it and drop it off at the Town Hall, or you can email it to us at

You may also complete the form below

For both electronic methods, please allow 72 hours for us to receive your submission.

*The Town of Trent Woods and the Trent Woods Police Department will endeavor to provide this service as often as possible, within their availability and resources. They cannot be held liable for any damages, lost or stolen property or any other claim related to the provision of this service. The Town of Trent Woods and the Trent Woods Police Department are not responsible for securing windows and doors if found open, but will make a reasonable attempt to do so. The Town of Trent Woods and the Trent Woods Police Department are merely providing a community service and cannot guarantee the security of the property. By submitting this request, verbally or in writing, you agree to these terms*

Security Check Form
Does Emegency Contact have keys to the residence?

Thanks for submitting!

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