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Emergency Evacuation Assistance Registry


To better meet the emergency preparedness needs of the Town of Trent Woods, and increase the effectiveness of emergency response operations, the Trent Woods Police Department has developed the Emergency Evacuation Assistance Registry (EEAR).  The EEAR is intended to benefit residents of Trent Woods who may require assistance during an emergency evacuation.


Enrollment in the EEAR is completely voluntary, free of charge, and was designed for residents with limited mobility, vision or hearing impairments, medical conditions, or any other functional or cognitive impairment that may interfere with the ability to evacuate during an emergency.


Residents who choose to participate in the EEAR program should contact the Trent Woods Police Department.

An Officer will meet with the resident at a convenient location (home, Town Hall, etc.) to go over the registration form, and answer any questions.  Once the EEAR registration form is filled out by the resident, registration is complete.  Residents enrolled in the EEAR program can cancel their participation at any time.


All EEAR information will be kept confidential, is not subject to public record inquiries (per N.C.G.S 166A-19.15(f)(5)), and will only be used by the Trent Woods Police Department and other Emergency Response Agencies during emergencies involving evacuation.


An appointment with a Trent Woods Police Department Officer is necessary for enrollment.

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