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Trent Woods Ranked Among the Safest Places To Live In NC!

Safewise.com has ranked Trent Woods #4 on their list of safest towns in North Carolina, based on crime reporting data.  We thank our great citizens for helping us in the effort to prevent crime and keep crime rates low by reporting suspicious or unusual activity to us.  Thank you Trent Woods for helping us to put your "community first" as one of the safest towns in North Carolina.

Messages to the Community:

Urban Archery Season

The Town of Trent Woods participates in the annual Urban Archery Season in an effort to control the deer population.  This special archery season extends beyond the regular hunting season and is for bow hunters only.  To bow hunt in the Town of Trent Woods all you need is permission from a private landowner.  There are no public hunting areas in the Town and we do not issue permits for hunting privileges.  All North Carolina wildlife laws apply and the discharge of firearms within Town limits is unlawful.  See the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission webpage for hunting dates and regulations.  

Home Security Checks

If you are leaving Town for the holidays or take a vacation then contact the Trent Woods Police Department at (252) 637-3030 or Trent Woods Town Hall (252) 637-9810 to have your home added to our security check list.  You may also click on the link below to access our security form page.

Golf Cart Registration

The Town of Trent Woods allows golf carts to be operated on public roads as long as they are properly inspected and registered with the Town.  The registration is simple and only requires that golf carts be inspected by a Trent Woods Police Officer prior to registration.  Registration requirements and regulations can be found under the Town ordinances page.  To have your cart inspected contact the Trent Woods Police Department at (252) 637-3030 and request an officer or schedule an appointment.

Rabies Vaccination

North Carolina law requires that pet owners properly vaccinate their animals against the deadly rabies virus.  Click on the link below to access rabies vaccination information on the Craven County Health Department's website.

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